Patchwork Vest | Upcycled Fabric Scraps

I love the impact of turning something unassuming into something amazing. When I saw this fabric sample book at a Zerolandfill Seattle event I knew I needed to create something wearable. However, I knew it would be a smaller piece considering there wasn’t much fabric. I immediately recalled a pair of patchwork pants that I made previously and figured they could use a matching vest.

After deconstructing the sample book, I felt like I made a huge mistake. I’m generally intimidated by designing with color and there wasn’t a single black, white, or gray piece. Not to mention, there wasn’t much to hide behind given how little fabric there was. Who knew this would turn into a perfect exercise in designing with color.

I wanted this vest to keep the essence of my patchwork pants, so I designed with a diamond pattern in mind. While cutting the rectangle pieces into squares (to be rotated into diamonds) I realized that there was a matching patterned and solid fabric for each color. It seemed natural to feature colorful diamonds, split in half with a pattern and a solid of the same color.

In the end I decided to match the diamond colors on the back of the vest and contrast the diamond colors on the front. I wish I could say it was a conscious decision but I underestimated how many matching colors/pieces I had. Regardless, I’d say the vest turned out pretty great. I especially loved how well the patchwork pants and vest paired together.

Author: Viliamu

Seattle-based fashion, costume, cosplay, and upcycling enthusiast.

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