In a previous post, I documented the creation of an upcycled denim trench dress and teased an upcoming photoshoot. This summer I had the pleasure of working with two friends (talented photographer, Jenna James, and first-time model, AJ) to capture this garment in Downtown Seattle. I recently received the finished product so see below for photos and behind-the-scenes detail.

Prior to the photoshoot, Jenna and I grabbed our significant others for location scouting in Pike Place Market. We hunted for backdrops with interesting texture, foliage, or bold color and discussed our success over a well-deserved beer. The day of the photoshoot felt wildly surreal. This was my first time participating in a photoshoot (my photos are taken with a ringlight and my Android) and in such a highly trafficked place. When we weren’t having to pause so people could walk by, others were pausing to watch us in action.

I found myself nitpicking my garment during the photoshoot – I even carried scissors to eliminate the tiniest fraying that only I would have noticed. Once I accpeted the minor imperfections, I couldn’t help but be proud of everyone. Jenna beautifully captured the trench and masterfully guided AJ during her modeling debut. AJ worked so well with direction and loved the trench so much that she even wore it to and from each location change, despite the 80 degree weather.

20180903_coat (7 of 53)

Couldn’t have asked for more and can’t wait to work with them again in the future.

20180903_coat (6 of 53) (1)

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