Denim Trenchcoat | Photoshoot


In a previous post, I documented the creation of an upcycled denim trench dress and teased an upcoming photoshoot. This summer I had the pleasure of working with two friends (talented photographer, Jenna James, and first-time model, AJ) to capture this garment in Downtown Seattle. I recently received the finished product so see below for photos and behind-the-scenes detail. Continue reading “Denim Trenchcoat | Photoshoot”

Patchwork Jacket | Upcycled Fabric Scraps

This jacket has been on my (literal) drawing board for a long time. Honestly, I wasn’t sure this would work but my successful fabric sample vest gave me hope. I also decided to videotape the making of this jacket from start to finish. You likely saw this with the video above but below is an in-depth breakdown of the process, including a few statistics and random trivia. Continue reading “Patchwork Jacket | Upcycled Fabric Scraps”

Patchwork Vest | Upcycled Fabric Scraps

I love the impact of turning something unassuming into something amazing. When I saw this fabric sample book at a Zerolandfill Seattle event I knew I needed to create something wearable. However, I knew it would be a smaller piece considering there wasn’t much fabric. I immediately recalled a pair of patchwork pants that I made previously and figured they could use a matching vest.

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Upcycled Trench Dress | Upcycled Denim


In 2017, I planned to participate in Seattle Chance Fashion’s Alternative & Clubwear fashion show but miscommunications led to forfeiting my slot in their show. I halted all production on my garments and went on hiatus. Now I’m finishing my collection through collaborative work with my talented circle of friends.

The first piece is an Upcycled Denim Trench Dress. I wanted to take something familiarity of a denim jacket and twist your expectations. I became fixated with the idea of a trench dress but figured a denim trench dress would be too simple (hah!). It seemed natural to elevate the trench dress using patchwork and then my love of houndstooth print took over.
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