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Upcycled Denim
Throw Pillows:
A Hexing Patchwork

Turning ordinary objects into something extraordinary is so satisfying. A couple years ago, I transformed denim scraps into a denim trench dress. I couldn’t stop imagining other ways to upcycle denim and before long, I was sketching designs for denim throw pillows.

featured blog post

Upcycled Denim
Trench Dress: Conquering a Rough Patch(work)

The original concept took the familiarity of a denim jacket and elevated it to an unexpected place – a trench coat dress. I decided a denim trench dress wasn’t bold enough so I decided to patchwork my favorite pattern, houndstooth, in varying shades of denim. Admittedly this wasn’t a beginner-friendly project, especially for my first garment, but I’m not exactly one to “play it safe”.


PatchWorkShop Seattle

I added patches to my shop as an extension of an upcycling lifestyle. Whether you need to cover a hole in a garment or want to add new flair to something old, just add a patch!

Check out our catalog of original and pop culture inspired patches at PatchWorkShop Seattle.